F. Arthur Uebel

Our materials

Excellent types of woods for an outstanding sound

Living materials

Our F. Arthur Uebel clarinets are made of grenadilla and mopane wood that has been seasoned for many years in uncompromising quality. The exclusively natural drying and storage process of our African sound-woods is the pride of the company. Did you know that when you buy a new instrument we give you a five-year guarantee against wood cracks? You can find out more on our “Maintenance instructions” page.

But which wood should your instrument be made of? The choice of wood is of decisive importance for the desired sound and response of your new clarinet:

Grenadilla: The material used to make the body of the clarinet, which has been in common use for more than a hundred years, with its enormous density achieves the highest brilliance in the tonal spectrum. In addition, grenadilla wood is very resistant to moisture. Clarinets made of grenadilla wood impress with a warm, focused sound.

Mopane: Mopane clarinets are somewhat less brilliant than grenadilla clarinets, but they convince many clarinettists with their great mellowness paired with a round sound as well as an invitingly large dynamic range of expression, which encourages imaginative music-making.

The best way to convince yourself of the outstanding sound characteristics of our clarinets is to see for yourself. Your qualified local dealer will be happy to advise you. If you have any questions about our clarinets, you can of course also contact us by telephone at +49.(0)611.950 890 or by email at info@uebel-klarinetten.de

Key platings:

Silver plating: Our ergonomic and quiet key mechanism is made of high-quality nickel silver as standard and then hard silver-plated.

Gold plating: The 24k as well as rose gold-plating of our clarinets offer not only a breathtaking appearance but also a great haptic experience while at the same time protecting the mechanism from tarnishing.

Rhodium plating: Rhodium is a brightly shining, chrome-coloured transition metal which has recently been used for the mechanical finishing of our soloist instruments. The rhodium plating also protects the keys of your new F. Arthur Uebel clarinet from oxidation.