Fine clarinets since 1936


We invite you to have a look around our website! Here at F. Arthur Uebel, our aim is to always produce instruments that, not only inspire you the player, but also your audience. In order to achieve this goal, we have merged valuable traditions of clarinet making with ultra-modern, innovative manufacturing processes to create a haptic symphony of handcrafted perfection.

Since 1936 the name, F. Arthur Uebel has stood for the finest art of clarinet making. The masterful precision with which, the up to 500 individual parts are still manufactured today, using the German and French fingering systems, will inspire you to reach new musical heights. Ergonomics, excellent intonation and the simply inimitable tonal beauty of our instruments is a matter of course for us throughout the whole range, including our beginner clarinets.

The wood we use, grenadilla and mopane, are the soul of our instruments! We are proud of our uncompromising, natural drying process, which has a decisive influence on the special sound of our high-quality clarinets. With every F. Arthur clarinet we are committed to the highest level of perfection and set new standards in clarinet making.

Clarinets by F. Arthur Uebel – first-class instruments.

Here you will find a selection of our latest clarinet models:

All German System models

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